College Planning

SHS Alumni College Testimonials

Audience: All students and parents
Overview: Over 50 SHS alumni are interviewed about their experiences at their chosen college. They talk about topics like: why they selected their college, what they like, what they don’t like, how SHS prepared them, what’s it like to live in the dorms or travel to their college. Covers 2 year colleges, CSUs, UCs and Private Colleges.

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Untangling the College App Process

Audience: Students and parents of Seniors and Juniors
Two presentations:
Felicia Fahey – College Counselor speaks about the college apps, what to fill out when, what colleges are looking for in college essays and supplemental essays, lots of logistics!
George Fan – presents data on how to make sure that students develop a good list of colleges to apply to; how to use Early Action to save time, money and increase odds of acceptances; introduces CollegeKickstart app as a tool to do this.

PowerPoint Slides:
Felicia Fahey - College Admissions Essay
George Fan - College Admissions Essay

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College 101

Audience: Parents and Students from Freshmen - Seniors
Overview: 4-year synopsis on what it takes to plan for college. Highlights what UCs, CSUs, Community and private colleges are looking for; what classes to take when; a sytematic timeline for tests: PSAT, SAT, ACT and Subject Tests.

PowerPoint Slides:
College 101 by Vicki S Kleinman

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College 102

Audience: Parents and Students from Freshmen - Juniors
Overview: A general overview of how to make the college preparation as smooth and meaningful as possible. This is a two part presentation:
-- Brian Safine starts off this presentation with some specifics about SHS college advancement.
-- Dr. Gerald Shapiro's presentation starts at 26:28. He talks about the approach families should take to looking at colleges and setting up their students to find the right fit and reach for classes to take and things to do to ensure success. His thoughtful and amazing talk is about one hour long.

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Slides by Dr. Shapiro:
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Slides by Mr. Safine:
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